Light Up the Night for Sojourners’ Place 22nd Anniversary

I walked into the Wilmington Country Club not knowing a single soul. As Miss Delaware International, that happens a lot. When I approached the check-in table, Jimmy Horty greeted me with a smile that lit up the room. I immediately felt at ease. All of the staff and volunteers were so happy I was joining them, but what they didn’t know is they were doing me the favor. The atmosphere was so warm and welcoming. I was walking around selling 50/50 tickets, but also engaging in wonderful conversation with the supporters, staff and residents. By the end of the evening, I had laughed, cried (from stories of loss, triumph and love) and made connections I will never forget.
All of the information below I have taken directly from their Facebook page. Please check out this cause:
This is the way of Sojourners’ Place. Not just Hope for the Homeless, but also Light for the Journey.

Unlike emergency shelters which provide a place to get in and out of the weather, Sojourners’ Place offers homeless women and men a place to get their lives back together, a place to come in to and go out from. Residents stay at Sojourners’ Place as long as they need to stop being homeless. A successful graduate leaves Sojourners’ Place with a full-time job and housing.

50 residents at a time stay as long as necessary to complete their individualized programs.

Each resident is evaluated to determine their unique needs, and signs a contract that he or she will fully participate in achieving the goal of self sufficiency, whether it is substance abuse education, life skills, GED, access to job training, mental health counseling or other services.

Once a resident completes the appropriate programs and is gainfully employed, we continue to shelter them, teaching them how to manage their money, to save, to become responsible for their own lives. Only when they are ready, do they leave. 

General Information:

Acceptance into the Sojourners’ Place residential program is a 4 step, client driven process. Prospective residents must call (302) 764-4713 to set up an appointment to be interviewed by one of our Case Managers. Interviews are conducted every Tuesday, weather permitting, from 9:30am-3:30pm. Prospects should bring photo ID and a Social Security card if possible. Additionally, each prospective resident should be prepared to discuss their current living situation, addiction history as well as other factors which may have contributed to their homelessness.


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