Miracles for Molly

Today I went to Molly’s Egg Hunt. Maybe you were like I was when I first heard about Molly’s Egg Hunt. I wondered who is Molly? Today I found out who Molly is and how her legacy lives on. Let me share it with you. This is pulled directly from the Miracles for Molly Facebook page:

“Seven year old, Molly Dunne, was diagnosed with severe Pulmonary Hypertension after collapsing on her first day of kindergarten in Sept 2010. She has had a long, difficult journey since then. A few days after she collapsed, she went into cardiac arrest and was placed on ECMO (heart-lung bypass). She was then flown from Delaware to Pittsburgh, PA and became the 2nd child in the U.S. to be placed on an artificial lung, called a Novalung. She remained on the Novalung for 25 days. During that time we learned Molly suffered a significant brain injury. We were told she may never see, walk, talk or do anything like a normal child again. We also found out that her Pulmonary Hypertension is due to Hereditary Hemorraghic Telangiectasia which is a genetic condition that causes malformations in blood vessels. She has been in rehab therapy for the past 17 months and is now walking with the help of a walker, saying a few words and most definitely sees everything around her. She has come so far. Unfortunately, her Pulmonary Hypertension has progressed. She is in heart failure and her lungs are very sick. She is not eligible for transplant and we are working with Palliative Care to try and make whatever time she has left the best it can be! Molly has an older brother Ryan, age 9, and a twin sister, Kate. Molly is dearly loved by so many. Both Pulmonary Hypertension and HHT are rare disorders and we want to get the word out to hopefully help prevent another family having to go through what we’ve been through.”

I was blessed today by Molly’s family and friends as they shared Molly’s story with me. I met Molly’s mother and father, her twin sister, Kate and her brother. There were no tears, just joy and celebration of the life lived by a remarkable girl. She has left a legacy behind and we can all be part of it. Please take the time to pay it forward and provide someone with a small miracle in the name of Molly.


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