The Gatsby Gala


When I thought about the theme for the Alzheimer Gala, I thought ‘how appropriate.’ Here is a chance to go back in time for the night and isn’t that what anyone who has a loved one with Alzheimer’s would like the chance to do? Go back in time to before it became so difficult? And so, that is exactly what we all did on Saturday night in downtown Philadelphia.


The board, staff and volunteers did such an amazing job painting the venue purple and making the environment inviting and exciting. Kristen Czenszak, the Junior Committee Chair, was such a gracious (and well dressed!) host. She went out of her way to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves. I met several board members throughout the evening who all had a passion for finding a cure because they had a personal connection. Which reminded me that although it is fun to celebrate raising funds and awareness, I also have a very personal connection that isn’t so fun.


My grandfather, “pappy,” as all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren called him, suffered from Alzheimer’s. It was one of the hardest and most difficult diseases to watch someone you love go through. No matter how difficult it got, I remember admiring the strength my grandma showed. Staying positive and dedicating her time and love to constantly remind my pappy of the many things he couldn’t remember. Watching him struggle for those last few years was extremely difficult. I will forever keep my pappy in my memory as the strong, funny and very loving grandfather any girl could have asked for.

I also met Stephen Iacobucci who is a strong supporter. He supports in memory of his grandfather. You can read his story here:

Visit the Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter’s Facebook page here:


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