Newark American Little League and Newark High School’s Clothing Closet

On Saturday, Delaware proved that you can have fun and give back to the community all within a 5 mile radius. 


I started my morning bright and early with Newark American Little League on Opening Day. Now for those of you who personally know me, you know I am a huge baseball fan. I am also a huge fan of today’s youth. So let’s just say this was a “home run” event for me.

Disclaimer: I never said I was funny, but I do try to be 😉

I would like to give a big Thank You to Dave Milsom for the invitation to attend and for also recognizing me on the field! Here is a photo of myself with him and his very lovely wife.


I spent a few hours at the field meeting the players, coaches, managers, children and even the mayor! I was escorted onto the field by Garry Wright, Jr., a former Newark American Little League player for the Orioles team. He holds a record for 17 home runs.

The mayor, Vance Funk III, surprised everyone by showing his support after a recent passing in his family. Everyone could tell he is dedicated to his community, which is undoubtedly why he is an excellent leader. I was truly honored to be in his presence.

Here is a photo of Mayor Vance Funk III and I at Opening Day.



In the afternoon I was off to the Newark High School Clothing Closet where I spent the afternoon with other title holders and the women and men who worked hard to collect clothing for those in the area that could stop by and pick up anything they needed free of cost. Let’s just say I had the perfect Saturday!

This reminds me, in just a few weeks I will be doing my third clothing drive of the year! This time benefiting Mental Health facilities in Delaware. Please keep this in mind when spring cleaning.


Until next time,

XO- Crystal



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