Take me out to the ball game..

Everyone knows I LOVE baseball. That is no secret. So when the opportunity arose to throw the first pitch at the Blue Rock’s game, I was thrilled. The pitch was on a Friday and it wasn’t until that Wednesday that it started to sink in, I wasn’t just attending the game..I was throwing the first pitch in front of hundreds of people.

The day of the event I was hyper-ventilating (just a little) and googling “worst first pitches.” I thought maybe I would get lucky and make it to home plate. I mean how far away is the pitcher’s mound to home? (60 feet 6 inches).


Fast forward to sitting in the stadium, waiting for them to walk me out onto the field: My heart was beating fast and I was focusing on what I had learned. Form, focus and throw over hand! I pitched and the crowd went “awwww” because my pitch made it about half way and then bounced twice until it finally reached the catcher. Let’s just say the Blue Rock’s won’t be recruiting me anytime soon.


After the pitch, I found my way onto the concourse to meet fans and sign autographs. Now that is something I’m good at 🙂 Luckily, everyone was supportive even though they realized I don’t have a pitching talent.

Meeting all of the kids was so much fun and I loved sharing my story with everyone. A few of the boys asked me to sign their ball caps. What an honor!!


One of favorite moments from the evening was when a little league player told me my pitch was “so-so” but assured me I could work on it.



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