Autism Delaware Walk for Autism: Because the 1 in 88 can’t wait.

It was the night before the Walk for Autism and at Crystal’s house there were neon green shirts all over the floor 😉


This year I decided to hand make all of the shirts for my teammates and on day 2 I was a little worried about how they were looking, then I remembered it wasn’t about how they looked, it was about the love that goes into making them. (I think they turned out fabulous, but it could just be that I had fabulous people wearing them!)

And after making all the shirts, I had only one battle scar..


What is the Walk for Autism?

“The Walk is Autism Delaware’s largest community fundraiser, drawing over 2,000 people over two days of events in support of people and families affected by autism and raising the money to show it!”

The 2013 goal is to raise $200,000 to support the many ways we serve the community such as:

  • Employment and vocational training for adults with autism
  • Clinical evaluations
  • Parent mentoring and support groups
  • Social and recreational events to reduce family isolation
  • Family and professional education
  • Public awareness of autism and its impact

Please visit for more information.

My heart truly flutters when I think about the amazing people behind the scenes of every Autism Delaware event. They work hard and expect no recognition. They are just wonderful, strong and big-hearted people! This year’s Walk for Autism was nothing short of spectacular. The lines were long and the morale was high!


My team was named “Skye-Scrapers” in honor of my niece, Skye. I asked each person on my team to raise what they could with a minimum of $30. I am PROUD to say we raised over $800 alone! I can’t wait to come back next year and beat this year’s fundraising efforts! 🙂


If you have any questions about the Walk for Autism or Autism in general, please contact me!


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