Wrapping up my first year for Autism Speaks U

Here it is, a sneak peak into my email box…


Receiving this email from Shauna and Jaclyn thanking me for my work for Autism Speaks U was the perfect ending to my day. I had just finished collecting data for awareness brochures to be distributed to local businesses when the email arrived. I was so happy to read that there are now 75 official and provisional Autism Speaks U chapters! Imagine how many people are learning about autism via chapter members. The thought alone makes me smile instantly!

Not only that, but together Autism Speaks U chapters have raised over $180,000. Think about how much $180,000 is. How many individuals with autism that can help. AHH 🙂 I can’t wait to see the stats next year.

This is what drives me..Knowing that a chapter I started at my university helped contribute to that large sum. It’s just proof that when we all work together, the sky is the limit. Thank you to my advisors, peers, friends and family for supporting this endeavor. It has meant the world to me.


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